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Know if your taxi it´s coming or not

February 9, 2019 laplumee 0

How to identify my driver and his vehicle.

When you request a trip, your application sends a request to the nearest drivers. Once you have been assigned a driver, you can check the information of the driver and your vehicle.

Click on the bar where the driver’s name, photo and vehicle appear. You can see the driver’s picture, as well as the make, the model and the registration number of the vehicle.

When you see your driver’s vehicle at the pickup location, it confirms that the license plate number on the application matches that of the vehicle. The drivers usually ask you the name before starting the trip.

If your taxi is waiting for you at the airport, they usually arrive with a sign with your name on it.

The chauffeur-on-demand service said on Thursday that it was testing a new function in Seattle that uses color to connect drivers with passengers. The new technology, called Spot, allows a passenger to select a specific color in the Uber application on his smartphone. When your driver arrives, a Spot device fixed on the car’s windshield will shine with that color so the customer can easily find it.
Services that connect passengers with drivers through smartphone applications often proclaim their superiority over ordinary taxis. Traditional taxis, however, have at least one advantage: they are easily recognizable on a busy city street because of their color, the car’s trademark and the “taxi” light shining on their roof. Drivers of companies like Uber or Lyft often use their own vehicles, which leaves them largely anonymous, even when they put a sign with the “U” (Uber) or pink Lyft mustache logo on the board.

Taxis will try the color identification service, game to connect drivers with passengers could decrease the amount of time that both have to wait to recognize each other. It’s an intelligent innovation that benefits not only customers, but also Uber as it continues to compete with rival Lyft service as well as traditional taxi and limousine services.
As part of the initial experiment, some Uber drivers in Seattle have already equipped their vehicles with a Spot device. After a customer requests a driver’s car with Spot activated, the customer selects a color in the Uber application. You can choose between yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue or green. In the event that it is very dark outside, the passenger can still illuminate the screen of his phone with the chosen color so that the driver can quickly detect it.

In the long and hard race for the autonomous car in which automobile manufacturers and great technology converge, Waymo is one of the most advantaged actors. The subsidiary of Alphabet, which started in 2009 as the Google Self-Driving Car Project, has been developing for almost a decade and more than a year operating in tests with the more than 400 participants of its Early Rider program, who enjoy travel free-and experimental-in the company’s hundreds of Chrysler Pacifica equipped with autonomous driving hardware and software.

With its tests there, Waymo is optimizing its platform to launch its commercial autonomous transport service later this year, and now, charging for it, amounts that have not yet been disclosed. Of course, the idea is to become a profitable business within Alphabet. In the background, the milestone of becoming the first autonomous taxi service in the world. Although at least initially there will be a human Alphabet paid for in the car, but with only supervision functions: the driving will be 100% autonomous.

A group of young programmers, in collaboration with the government of Mexico City, developed an application that allows users to know the level of reliability of taxis before tackling them. This is Traxi, an application that emerged in mid-2014 and that almost nobody knows. Traxi was born from the Code program for all the world a joint initiative of the Laboratory for the City – area of ​​civic innovation and urban creativity of the Government of the Federal District – and Code for America, a non-governmental organization of the United States that is a pioneer in promoting the rapprochement between society and government through the technology.

“For nine months, five programmers who were previously selected were inserted in five different secretariats of the DF, in which the objective was to find all the resources and areas of opportunity that the unit had to improve their services”, explained Eduardo Pérez Tello , Coordinator of Technological Innovation of the Laboratory of Mexico City. Miguel Morán, developer of Traxi, worked together with the Ministry of Environment and Mobility, to develop this application that allows citizens to know if the taxi that is about to approach is reliable or not according to a scale of one to one hundred. The parameters with Those who measure this reliability index are five: If the taxi belongs to the vehicle magazine or not, so if the taxi is pirated the application will indicate that it is not safe to board it. If the taxi is current with the payment of If the taxi has had infractions and if they have been paid or not If the taxi circulates that day, and If the taxi is authorized to transit (depending on the age of the car)

All the lines that make up the Urban Passenger Transportation System of the city are included in the system for consultation. Thus, you can know in real time when the next car arrives at a certain stop.

An important fact is to know Mobile application when it arrives?
This application allows to know the time of arrival of a collective to a specific stop. If you do not know the stop, you can find it by indicating the line.
The stops can be stored as favorites, thus enabling quick access to the most used. The information is available during the 24 hours. 365 days a year. The consultation is made through the telephone’s internet service. This way, depending on the subscription of data that the user has with his telephone company, there should be no cost to him.
If you use a mobile phone with Windows phone or IPhone you can enter this address and also have our services.

We will comment on the web service’s own recommendations such as 11870, Minube and Foursquare, or that act as content aggregators from other sources such as Bliquo.

11870 is one of the most veteran services in Spain in recommendation of restaurants and places of all kinds. It has more than 50 thousand registered users that nourish the web of opinions of almost any leisure or professional place. All that tremendous collaborative database can be consulted from the mobile thanks to its official application for Android that is in continuous development to offer constantly new features.
If we have a user in 11870 we can carry all our agenda of places and our contacts. Of course, we can search for any place nearby thanks to positioning by selecting a category or a textual search. All the sites have a complete file with photos, map, user comments, telephone and, even, the possibility of doing checkin to announce that we are there.
And without a doubt one of the features that I use the most is to save a site so as not to forget it. Then I can check it from the web and fill in more information about the place. One of the essential applications when I want to explore new places to eat or spend my leisure time.

Foursquare is the social network based on geo-positioning comparable in importance to Facebook or Twitter? It started under the aspect of a simple game between friends to see who did more checkin in a place to be the biggest, now it has become, at least for me, a powerful site recommender thanks to the tips left by the users. Including two essential features such as checking the places my friends frequent when they check in or the lists of things to do.
The philosophy of the tips is to leave small recommendations of what to do in that site that clashes at first sight with the typical recommendation. Another point in his favor is his curious explorer who uses the sites we frequent or our contacts to offer sites that may interest us. We can also check the sites that are trending at that time with more people doing ckeckin. Practically all the content comes from the users, so sometimes they contain errors and important data such as the contact telephone is missing, which is their biggest disadvantage.

Google Places
The Places application is integrated with Google Maps. Supported by a powerful database, it offers us information about businesses on the same Google map, as well as useful contact information, perhaps the most complete. It is missing that there are user comments (we rarely find any) and the functionality of scoring with stars is hardly used.
It stands out for its clean interface and its perfect integration with Google Maps or Google Navigator to search from the map. Perhaps the acquisition of Zagat by Google gives him a boost as a recommender of sites with interesting opinions.

My Cloud
The application of Minube offers us to search and share the best places to visit in tourist plan around the world. As in the previous applications as soon as we enter, we are geo-positioned in the place where we are and offers us three options: what to see, where to eat and where to sleep. Simple options that we look for when we travel.
The highlight of this application is the ability to create a trip and keep corners that we do not want to miss. It has a careful database of corners with good quality images and detailed descriptions. We can also share our own experiences of the places we visit with photos and text. A great application to write our travel diary in full route while we discover new places. A success to save sites to consult offline.

is all we can find about how to recognize a taxi in France and in all parts of the world. We know that France is a tourist country and all possible means are important, recognizing our taxi will allow us to be sure that we will reach our destination well. Investigate about the different ways to recognize our taxis to travel comfortable and safe, the applications are a means of help so that we can be comfortable with the services we have with the different companies that offer it.